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Mortgage In Arrears? Facing Repossession? We’re Here To Help

Property repossession is one of the most stressful and distressing situations a home owner can face. The financial and legal pressures and obligations can seem overwhelming and impossible to overcome.

If you get repossessed, you’ll have the following problems:

  • You will lose your home along with any equity in it
  • The lender will then sell your home at a greatly reduced price
  • The sale price may not cover all of your mortgage debt and you will be responsible for paying the shortfall
  • As well as your mortgage debt, you’ll have to face additional costs such as surveyors’ and legal fees
  • You will have debt on your credit file which will make it very difficult to attain finance in the future
  • You’ll need to find somewhere else to live


Repossession isn’t an insurmountable problem!

Anthony Solomon has over 30 years experience in the property industry. We understand the needs and concerns of each individual client, and have the knowledge and expertise to find the right solution for your circumstances to help you get back on your feet again.

How We Can Help

  • We’ll arrange a free valuation conducted by one of our trusted surveyors
  • We’ll take over your mortgage responsibilities and pay off your arrears
  • Our team of property experts can assist you in finding alternative accommodation and use your equity to start afresh.

The Anthony Solomon Plan will give you the peace of mind and confidence to take proactive steps towards a brighter and more secure future.

Contact us today for further information and friendly advice, or fill out our form in 3 simple steps to request a free valuation.

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We’ll arrange for one of our surveyors to visit your property and conduct a free market appraisal so that we can assess how we can help you

Pay off your arrears

Once your property has been qualified Anthony Solomon will make you an offer to take over your mortgage responsibilities

We maintain your mortgage

We’ll sign a contract with you giving us authority to maintain your mortgage and pay off your arrears

You start your new life

Anthony Solomon will assist you in getting alternative accommodation. We will then make arrangements for you to pull out your equity so you can start a fresh
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